Experiences with WebCT

I started to take the Educational Technology course from University of Tartu in WebCT environment. Since I have been involved in development of three learning environments (VIKO, IVA, Fle3) I am always interested to try out the other systems.

I love to be different, to think different, to use Mac. Unfortunately the developers of WebCT probably dislike people like me…

I will collect all the trouble that I am experiencing with WebCT and send this also to Estonian e-University. Hopefully this will help them to make a better decision when their 3-year WebCT license has ended.

Of course I can read the WebCT browser compatibility pages and understand, that my browser is not supported, but that does not mean I am willing to use Internet Explorer. According to their browser compatibility table the latest versions of Mozilla and Safari are not supported. My default browser Camino and widely used Mozilla Firefox are not supported at all. In fact WebCT is not usable with Camino – some menus are rendered in unreadably small font size and screen forms are not functioning. For example it was not possible to delete the link that I added to my homepage in WebCT.

WebCT is heavily using JavaScript – JavaScript generates even part of the HTML output. Inside the course WebCT is using frames. With JavaScript they have disabled opening some pages in new tab or window. To save something from WebCT is a total headache. Of course this means less headache for teachers who are worried that somebody might steal their course materials.

I was also testing how well they have followed the web standards like HTML and CSS and accessibility guidelines. Unfortunately it is not possible to link the results of Watchfire WebXACT accessibility validator, but you can see the results for W3C HTML validator and W3C CSS validator. You should notice that I have validated only the simple login page.

If the developers of WebCT do not follow the web standards they should not call their system WebCT.

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