New blog about free software and open content

Some weeks ago I set up new blog called Vabavere together with my colleague Kaido Kikkas. The word vabavere sounds like a village name in Estonia – vaba means free and vere is a common ending for village names here.

In Vabavere we want to focus on open content and free software in education. We would also like to include other topics we are interested in, such as social software, network culture, etc. Vabavere will become a central information channel for all our open source projects: IVA, VIKO, KooliPlone and Krihvel. Vabavere blog is going to be mainly in Estonian, but we are also planning to have one category in English language.

Our main inspiration was Finnish blog FLOSSE Posse, but we try to focus on a little bit different target groups – teachers and educational policy makers. We are currently establishing a community of authors. In the autumn we will start to promote the site among the teachers.

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