Presentation about Fle3

Today we organised a seminar about e-learning for school heads in Tallinn. Tiger Leap Foundation has completed their new development plan “Learning Tiger” for years 2006-2009. Now the focus has moved from ICT to e-learning in schools.

In the seminar we were introducing various environments such as VIKO, IVA, KooliPlone and Fle3. I have also uploaded my presentation slides about Fle3 (in Estonian).

Today was also the official launch of KooliPlone. This is a content management system, which is specially designed for school websites. Technically it is a modification of Plone. KooliPlone is currently available only in Estonian, but hopefully the developers or some active users will translate it also to English. New modules that were developed specially for KooliPlone include school curriculum, schedule and school newspaper.

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