EADTU conference in Rome

Last week I participated EADTU conference, which took place in Rome. EADTU stands for European Association of Distance Teaching Universities.

I was visiting the conference because the final dissemination of UNIVe project took place there. This was my first experience in EU projects. During last two years we were developing a network-based e-university model. My role was to analyze various learning object repositories. As a result Estonian e-University is now testing ARIADNE knowledge pool system. I consider thematic networks as the most interesting result of UNIVe project. Thematic networks in the Estonian e-University (PDF) were presented earlier this year in EDEN conference.

EADTU conference is not a research conference, so the level of presentations was not equally high. One of the presentations that I will remember was given by Fabrizio Cardinali, CEO of Giunti Interactive Labs. I do not share his commercial views on e-learning, but the last slide about Gutenberg Syndrome was really a food for thought.

Unfortunately I did not have enough time to look around in Rome. I managed to visit Vatican and see some of the historical places in Rome, but the city was far too big for one day.

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