Guns n’ Roses – dreams come true

Music has been one of my most important interests for 14 years. I consider Guns n’ Roses as my first favorite band. I remember them playing “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” at The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, that was shown in TV also here in Estonia (or maybe it was Finnish TV, can’t remember anymore).

Their songs have unique epic structure, that only a few other groups have (Queen, old Cradle of Filth). It might sound crazy, but I find quite a lot similarities between their style and some of the best trance songs from 90’s (like Lost Tribe “Gamemaster”). The alternation between raw rhythm parts and melodic breaks is the same…

I still sometimes check their website to see, what is the status of “Chinese Democracy”, their long-delayed album that has been in production for many years. Last week I noticed, that they have an European tour coming this summer. The Stockholm gig was already sold out and tickets for Helsinki show were not in sale yet. Yesterday I found out, that the sale for Helsinki tickets will start today 9:00.

Today I was ready in the ticket booking system at 9:00. I did not expect so big demand for tickets, but it took several minutes to process my query. Finally 9:06 the system displayed me a message that all the floor tickets in Hartwall Arena are already sold out and offered me a seat. Of course I was also happy with that.

When I checked the website again in 9:26, the whole Hartwall Arena was already sold out. That is really amazing – a band that has not released a new album in last 15 years and has only one member from the original line-up will sell out a big concert hall in a few minutes. Now I’m waiting for 5th of July…

Update: according to Yle X 11000 tickets were sold in 10 minutes.

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