LeMill – ready for preview

Last 7 months I have spent most of my working time with CALIBRATE project. I haven’t written much about that here, because our work has not been ready enough. There are a few posts about our progress in Flosse Posse.

In CALIBRATE project we are designing and developing a collaborative environment for finding, authoring and sharing of learning resources. I am responsible for the user interface design. The software is named LeMill and it is available under GPL license.

Last week we released our third prototype and had the first user testing in Budapest. It is still only partly implemented – the community section is not done yet and other sections are working in basic level. The user interface is not final yet – the graphics are missing, I’m not fully satisfied with the colors and we still have problems with usability and consistency. However, the user testing showed that we are moving in the right direction.

From now on lemill.net is open for all people who are interested in sharing learning resources. It is called now LeMill preview to emphasize that it it still in prototype status. You can join the system and add content, activities or tools. All the resources will be released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 license – please respect other people’s copyright and add only your own content.

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