LeMill has reached 1000 users

I am happy to announce that LeMill has reached 1000 users today. LeMill is a web community and software platform for finding, authoring and sharing free and open educational resources. It is now two years since we started our work in CALIBRATE project and 17 months since the release of first functional prototype.

Most active countries in LeMill are Estonia (160 members), Hungary (66 members), Finland (27 members), Austria (23 members) and Czech Republic (20 members). These people have published 399 learning resources and wrote descriptions for 57 educational methods and 143 educational tools.

That is only the beginning. Our focus in LeMill project is on collaborative authoring of learning resources. We can see some people making minor fixes to resources created by other users, but I would say that we still haven’t reached critical mass of users and content for real collaborative authoring.

You can help us to achieve our goals, come and join lemill.net.

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