Wikipedia will become compatible with LeMill

In this blog and in several presentations I have expressed my worries that open educational resources are under three different licences that can’t be remixed with each other.

Two years ago when we were choosing an appropriate license for LeMill we had quite hot debates in our team. We decided to go with Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, because of the problems with NonCommercial restriction. In last year we have seen that it is a growing problem that people are not able to remix content between LeMill and Wikipedia.

One of the solutions that I was thinking about was having double licenses (CC BY-SA and GNU FDL) for all LeMill content. This would have been only half-way solution — our content would have become available for Wikipedia but not vice versa. Some weeks ago Teemu started a discussion about changing our license to GNU FDL, but that would have required agreement from all authors.

Now there is finally a solution for this problem.

On November 30 Jimmy Wales announced that Free Software Foundation, Creative Commons and Wikimedia Foundation have agreed on changing GNU Free Documentation License so that it will become compatible with Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. This means that all Wikipedia articles will be available for remixing with CC BY-SA content such as learning resources in LeMill.

It is not still clear when and how the actual migration from GNU FDL to CC BY-SA will take place. Wikimedia Foundation is going to initiate a community discussion and voting before making a final decision on relicensing.

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