Restart blogging

After a long break I have decided to restart blogging. In last 2…3 years I have focused too much on software development. Now I’m trying to find a balance between teaching, writing and software development. As a result I have managed to publish some new papers.

LeMill community has been constantly growing. At the moment more than 14 300 teachers have joined LeMill. I have also started two new software projects. EduFeedr is an educational feed reader for blog-based courses. We have worked on this project for more than a year and we are planning to release the first public version soon. LeContract is a web community for writing, sharing and reviewing learning contracts. This is a new project that is currently in the design phase.

In personal life I don’t have much new. I have made some progress in DJing and had a chance to play warm-up for some internationally well-known DJ’s. My latest mix is available in SoundCloud.

I will update this website with more information soon, but this is enough for beginning.

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